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f you’re looking for a fun holiday or for a sporting challenge: a sailing holiday in a dedicated centre can accommodate both desires. There is, for example, one splendid lagoon on the island of Mauritius where both beginners and professionals can find everything they could wish for.

Cure for the winter blues

There is a cure for the winter blues, which sailors so often suffer from. These are the ingredients: turquoise and crystal clear waters and a lagoon where the water is only one and half metres deep. Catamaran hulls rush by. In the background of the reef the ocean breaks and leaves a faint white veil of crushing waves.

When the days get shorter, on this small island summer is just starting

The shore is full of palm trees with coconuts, heavy and ready to be harvested, stretching along a white sandy beach until far in the distance. The smell of incense wafts over the lake from a nearby Hindu temple, as white clouds push over the steep and bizarre mountain peaks. This remedy for the winter blues can be found on Mauritius, the island known as ‘the Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. When the days get shorter and it’s getting cold in the North of Europe, on this small island summer is just starting, giving sailors a delightful opportunity to revive the season for a few more days.


A little over a year ago, a special holiday company has opened in the northwest of the island. What makes it stand out is its dedicated focus on sailing. There already were some resorts in Mauritius, and you could in fact sail with a catamaran or a dinghy, but there sailing is just one of many offerings. Materials usually are scarce and of low quality. Wildwind Adventures puts sailing first. "We initially counted on 20 guests," says club manager Klaus Gerasch. "Therefore, we constantly keep 20 boats available, so everyone can go sailing at any time. We have no waiting and a free choice of boats". The sailing boats available range from catamarans, one- and two-handed sailing dinghies to surfing and Stand-up Paddleboards as well as kayaks. The club was created because of exceptional circumstances. Klaus Gerasch wanted to sail during a holiday on the island. "But it wasn’t possible", says the former sales and marketing man. "If you ever saw a catamaran on the beach, you couldn’t get it. ‘Only for our guests', was the adage everywhere". Hence, a business plan was born: a sailing club, in which everyone who wants a boat, gets a boat.

There are always enough boats for everyone, waiting for you on the beach

Unobstructed views over the lagoon

The home port of the club was found in Hotel Coral Azur Beach Resort, which has 200 beds and is set in a lagoon in front of the village of Mont Choisy. This hotel is a pleasant three-star facility in colonial style. The apartment buildings have only two floors and blend harmoniously into the landscaped gardens surrounding it. That, however, is true of many hotels in Mauritius, as general construction laws prohibit homes that are higher than the treetops. The huge hotels that spoil so many other destinations will not taint the image of paradise here. Yet the biggest selling point of the setup of Wildwind Adventures is its five-star views.


Whether from the pool, from the waterfront apartments or while eating, you always have unobstructed views over the lagoon, the reef and the Indian Ocean. Every imaginable shade of blue is on display. In the evening, because of its location on the west side of the island, there is a guaranteed blood-red sunset. The name comes from the famous sailing club Wildwind based in Vassiliki in Greece, which joined as a partner. "We packed two containers with sailing equipment and sent it to Mauritius", says Gerasch, who also worked as a sailing instructor in Greece.

The comfortable Coral Azur


Mauritius has the best sunsets you’ll ever see

your boat is waiting for you on the beach

The sailing day for guests of Wildwind Adventures Mauritius is a downright luxury when it comes to the otherwise often lengthy up- and de-rigging. After breakfast, you can simply stroll to the sailing camp next door. Here, every holidaymaker will find his or her wishes quickly anticipated. After you go to your room to change, your desired boat is waiting for you on the beach, ready for use and completely rigged. After one or two hours of action on the lagoon, it simply needs to be returned to the beach and de-rigged. This can be repeated throughout the day. Wildwind Adventures in Mauritius also offers small regattas and Sail-Aways. These day trips are usually about taking a catamaran through the narrow exit of the reef out to the ocean, where, depending on the direction and strength of the wind, forceful and high waves can give a completely different sailing experience than you find on the completely smooth waters of the lagoon. By the way: there might be sharks here, but according the Mauritian Coast Guard no human has ever been attacked. Usually, the southeast wind blows across the island with 3 to 4 Beaufort, but the lagoon lies leeward and this has some great advantages. This is even truer since the beach is lined with dense trees, spanning a wide coverage area.


The result is a strip of very weak winds, ideal for those getting started and looking to get comfortable. The further out you venture, the more wind you encounter. Sometimes that is a very gusty wind, and it can get more demanding the further you go. Beginners as well as professionals should be completely in their element. Wildwind Adventures in Mauritius employs five sailing instructors, some of which are locals, others British.

Beginners as well as professionals should be completely in their element

It is because of them that the base sports a certification as a recognized training centre from the Royal Yachting Association, the British sailing association. The teachers speak English, the locals also French. All of them sail very well and they are remarkably friendly. Should there be many German-speaking guests, a German sailing instructor in certainly in the books, assured Gerasch.

Top quality catarmans…


… and ample choice in dinghies, too


A holiday in Mauritius cannot and should not consist of only sailing. The island is extremely diverse, both geographically and culturally. The colonial past has led to a colourful population, a mix of Hindus, Africans, Chinese and Europeans. Inland, wide sugarcane fields dominate the picture, a legacy of the French period. Especially the South has preserved its authenticity, and hiking or biking through the mountainous terrain can quickly result in wild and romantic memories.


A downside, especially for families, is the long and expensive journey. That is true, however, for all long-haul destinations in the winter, whether they be in the Caribbean or in Asia.

You can do something very original, and give your loved one for Christmas some new jewellery: a pearl.

Encounter a unique blend of European, Asian and African cultures


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